15. Shave My Head

I remember being in dance class in Kindergarten looking at my hair in the bathroom mirrors and thinking one day I’ll shave it all off. Not your typical six year old little girl thoughts, I know. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to shave my head. I’ve always wanted to know how it feels, and get the satisfaction of getting rid of it all in one swoop. Over the past two years, I have really been considering it. After having waist length hair for the longest time, I was tired of dealing with all the tangles and hair falling in my face. This past summer I was really close to doing it, and of course, I chickened out. Fast forwarding five months, I finally did it after a backpacking trip with some of my closest friends in West Virginia!


My friends encouraged me and got me super excited about it. That night, right when I got home, I showered, then shaved my head. Well technically I cut pony tails off my head to donate, and then Timmy shaved it. It was so liberating. For the following week, I could not stop touching my head and kept getting surprised when I looked in the mirror. If you’re considering shaving your head, totally go for it. It feels so good, is easy to maintain, and is a good talking point. I don’t regret it for a minute and definitely see myself doing it again some day. 10/10 (seriously)


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